August 1, 2018

4 Ways Homecare Can Improve Quality of Life for the Service User

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When a loved one is no longer independent or becomes unable to look after themself properly, it can be difficult to decide what’s best for them. While some may feel that living at home is no longer possible, many people prefer to receive care in their own homes – and there are many advantages to homecare that can enhance the quality of life for people who need it.

Read on to learn more about how homecare can improve quality of life for the individual.

Recovering After Time in Hospital

Some individuals go into full-time care after suffering serious health problems or after spending time in hospital, in which case it’s not possible to return home and regain their independence straight away without homecare. Our care workers help these individuals find their feet again, assisting them in simple tasks such as washing, dressing, preparing food, and cleaning, which can become difficult for those who have suffered from health issues.

Remaining at Home

Sadly, many people who require our service feel that living at home is no longer an option because of their health conditions. However, it’s important for us to help our service users stay independent, hence why our care workers help with more than health care. They’re here to complete day-to-day chores too in order to maintain the individual’s independence.

By continuing to live in the community, they’ll be able to maintain relationships they’ve built over time; neighbours and friends will be able to stay in touch with the service user, interact with them on a regular basis, and keep an eye out for them. Not to mention that living at home is so much more comfortable for the individual, because of the familiar surroundings and the memories that are associated with home – keeping them happier, and therefore healthier for longer.

Retaining Their Independence

Homecare allows individual to remain independent throughout the recovery process. Many service users speak of their own homes with a feeling of dignity and pride, which is why our care workers encourage independence in all aspects in daily life, which helps to create a sense of achievement and pride in their accomplishments.

No one likes to lose their independence to ill health, because it can leave a person feeling defeated and make them doubt their own ability to care for themself, but homecare can help them reduce frustration and provide the ability for service users to maintain some control of their life.

Receiving More Personalised Care

Many service individuals enjoy the warm relationships that they build with care workers, which reassures them that their problems and needs are dealt with professionally and with a personal touch. Having regular interactions with a care workers can also prevent common issues like loneliness, social exclusion, and feelings of abandonment.

Here at CRG, we understand that everyone is different and requires a different level of care, which is why each of our care plans is based on an individual’s exact needs and requirements, and is reviewed regularly. Care workers tailor their services to meet their service user’s needs, from their regular medication to the simple things, like what to have for lunch.

Get in Touch

Do you know of someone who could benefit from homecare? We provide a wide range of care and support staff and services – find out more here. For more information on how we can help take care of your loved one, drop us a line via the contact form or give us a call on 0333 999 7088.


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