July 27, 2020

April Employees of the Month

By James Fairhurst

Congratulations to the winners of April’s Employee of the Month!

Rebekah Steward, QA Auditor – Courage
Rebekah has show the courage to flag up concerns relating to safeguarding incidents as part of her new role. Well done Rebekah! 

Leanne Egalton, Field Care Supervisor- Communication
Over the last few weeks Leanne has taken on many different roles in addition to her Field Care Supervisor duties. She has arranged zoom calls with Directors and Support Services, so we can communicate with the individuals we support to gage how they are feeling at this time. During these calls it was clear to see the strong relationship Leanne has with the our customers and the support workers. The branch continues to effectively communicate with staff and individuals despite lockdown and you can see the positive impact this has on the individuals we support.

In addition to this, Leanne runs the branch Facebook page and is constantly posting engaging content to increase local brand awareness. She has also organised a VE Day video of our customers singing we’ll meet again and has filmed videos to promote washing of hands, this is all in addition to her role. She has also created thank you packs for our support workers as a gift of appreciation for everything they are doing at this time. Amazing work Leanne!

Leanne Smith, Care Assistant – Care 
Leanne has gone over and above her duty. She is shopping for our service users in her own time and is cooking and delivering meals for them to their homes. Thank you for your acts of kindness Leanne!

Kathy Davies, Care Assistant – Competence 
Kathy was nominated by her colleague as she always notices that whenever Kathy has been on a care call, things are always tidy and corners are never cut by leaving work for the next carer to complete. The care is always done perfectly. Great work Kathy! 

Sharon Gowlett, Care Assistant- Commitment
Sharon has gone above and beyond for one of our service users who has suspected COVID 19. To avoid a further spread of the virus, Sharon put herself forward to be the only care worker going in. The office staff supported her throughout this. Our service user is now on end of life care and Sharon has given further support to the service user’s family by giving them emotional support. Sharon has gone above and beyond and is a credit to the Clacton branch and CRG Homecare. Thank you Sharon for your commitment during this difficult time. 

Guna Erta, Care Assistant- Compassion
Guna has gone above and beyond for every single one of her clients. She picks up extra shifts, but most importantly one of her clients was struggling with her housework. We were unable to get a domestic deep clean due to COVID 19. Guna went out of her way to go and clean up this lady’s home one room a day! The house is looking amazing now. Guna is a special Care Assistant and always has a smile on her face!! We always receive compliments from our service users. She is outstanding! Well done Guna for your amazing work! 

We have been inundated with nominations from our branches. here’s a list of all employees nominated. Thank you to everyone for your hard work, resilience and dedication at this time.

  • Marta Gawrych
  • Katie Ross
  • Linda Kendal
  • Annette Hopkins
  • Rebekah Steward
  • Leanne Egalton
  • Margaret Metcalf
  • Hannah West
  • Samantha Shields
  • Leanne Lidster
  • Katie Galloway
  • Rajwinder Kaur
  • Samantha Hannon- Wright
  • Sharon Gowlett
  • Michelle Robson
  • Stephanie Blunt
  • Russell Walton
  • Tracy Perry
  • Leanne Smith
  • Lauren Granby
  • Andrea Bracewell
  • Barbara Garsden
  • Tracy Perry
  • Donna Simpson
  • Mariam Ahmed
  • John Townley
  • Barbara Garsden
  • Kevin Daley
  • Barbara Garsden
  • Caitlin Mcloughlin
  • Jessica Worsley
  • Christine walker
  • Sharon Gowlett
  • Jan Hollowell
  • Natasha Wharmby
  • Sylvia Markham
  • P Moran
  • Anisah Akhtar
  • Emily Christian
  • Rosie Sillitoe
  • Gay Derbyshire
  • Demi Blakeley
  • Leanne Eglaton
  • Natasha McGlone
  • Armelle Bouetoubassa
  • Miriam
  • Samantha Shields
  • Julie Yale
  • Jane Williams
  • Amy Dissanayaka
  • Adewale Sapara
  • Claire Springett
  • William Davidson
  • Kathy Davies
  • Maxine Gitten
  • Tracy Perry
  • Sharon Gowlett
  • Leanne smith
  • Michael Ramonowski
  • Katie Galloway
  • Barbara Garstang
  • Sarah Gorey
  • Jo turner
  • Guna Erta
  • Jennie Cosgrove


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