September 24, 2021

August’s Employee of the Month

By James Fairhurst

We’re excited to announce the winners of August’s Employee of the Month award. Every month our employees have the chance to nominate their colleagues who uphold one of our six company values, which are:

Commitment: We continuously improve our services

Communication: We listen with interest & behave with integrity

Compassion: We treat individuals with dignity, empathy & respect

Competence: We have the ability to understand individuals

Courage: We strive to do the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons

Congratulations to our August winners and to everyone who was nominated.


Mitzi Lockwood – Care Assistant – Clacton

Mitzi takes her time to learn what her service users need from her during their care calls. She also takes an interest in those closest to her service users which was an absolute blessing when she realised the wife of one of her service users was having a stroke. Mitzi took the time to make sure the service user and his wife were ok, arranged emergency medical care and potentially saved a life.


Donna Simpson – Care Assistant – Liverpool

Donna recently received a call from a friend of her service user and when she arrived to the service user she was faced with a very distressing situation. Donna rang 999 and followed instruction from the call handler until paramedics arrived. Whilst waiting for paramedics Donna had to clear the service user’s airways and was required to perform CPR until paramedics arrived.


Helen Gregson – Care Assistant – Southport

With a recent staff shortage in branch sue to illness Helen has stepped up to assist with coordinating team’s rosters and still helping with field care activities. Her knowledge of the service users and staff is amazing, Helen is an asset to the team.


John Booth – ECM Officer – Bolton

John has been a credit to the team recently and has been there to support all staff. Nothing has been too much trouble, going above and beyond to support the branch on top of his usual workload.


Hannah Arthan – Field Care Supervisor – Stoke

Hannah has been a huge asset to the Stoke branch since joining the team. Hannah is highly dedicated to her role, staff schedules are way in advance and she is making a big impression in branch. Hannah is always willing to help out no matter the circumstances and is an asset to the team.


Katie Berry – Care Assistant – Bolton

Katie has given so much love and care to her role and often goes beyond above and beyond for the service users in her care. Katie was recently caring for a service user who sadly passed away and the care and attention she gave the service user was simply amazing.


  • Colette Crosby
  • Cheryl Lunt
  • David Benzoe
  • Nargis Suleman
  • Armelle Bouetoubassa
  • Demi Blakeley
  • Garth Miller
  • Amanda Cassidy
  • Emma Crabtree
  • Melanie Jones
  • Jackeline Kinkead
  • Sue Chung
  • Lynne Leek
  • Gemma Lawrence
  • Rose Smith
  • Jade Clack
  • Karen Garner
  • Leona Revell
  • Hannah Lowe
  • Istvan Szaloki
  • Hannah Arthan
  • Patricia Hillier
  • Colette Crosbie
  • Jayne Johnson
  • Shelley Thopson
  • Rizwana Akhtar
  • Natalie Tomlinson
  • Helen Ogilvie
  • Raegan Guest-Burton


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