January 23, 2018

The Benefits of Driving for Care Workers

By admin

Thinking about getting a car so you can get to your service users without the hassle of using public transport? There are so many advantages to having a car when you work in a fast-paced environment in a demanding sector such as homecare. Read on to find out why the ability to drive and having access to your own car is crucial for care workers.

Manage Your Time Effectively

Being a care worker is rewarding and stimulating, but if you can’t get to your service users in a timely and comfortable manner, you’ll likely turn up to your appointments feeling flustered and stressed. Some trams, trains, and buses can be useful, especially if you’re looking to travel relatively long distances, but many of your clients may not live near a viable public transport route. If you want to get to all of your service users on time and with minimal stress, it’s definitely worth investing in a car.

Aside from being more likely to get you where you need to be, when you need to be there, cars are often much more comfortable than some forms of public transport. In a car, you’ll have plenty of personal space – you can put any equipment you’re carrying in the boot, and you can always carry comfy shoes or a change of clothes with you, too. They might sound like simple and trivial things, but having a car can ensure that you turn up to your appointments cool, calm, and collected, and without the strain of having to juggle a bag.

Go the Extra Mile

In addition to offering you more comfort and helping you to make appointments with ease, driving will provide the flexibility of taking your service user out of their home whenever they need to. From nipping to the shops for groceries and going to medical appointments or checkups, to attending community events and social functions, having the ability to drive your client about can help your more isolated clients (in particular) to feel happier and more active.

Showing your future employers that you can do all of these things for your service users will make you stand out as a capable and efficient candidate who is passionate about looking after vulnerable individuals.

Get the Freedom You Need

Ultimately, having a car gives you the freedom to get to service users promptly and with ease. What’s more, you’ll be able to do all those additional things that make being a care worker so rewarding, like taking clients to community events and social groups, and giving them a real helping hand with everyday errands.

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