August 18, 2016

Why Care Workers Need Support?

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Sadly, it is widely reported that care workers are often unsupported and undervalued in their positions, even though they offer a vital service to their service users.

Here, we discuss how care workers need to be supported in their jobs, so that they can deliver the attentive care their service users deserve.

Good Training

Training is a vital part of most jobs, but especially in jobs that revolve around caring for the health of others. It enables workers to deliver the best service, it makes them feel supported and it keeps them up-to-date with best practices and legislation.

Initially, new care workers must undergo an appropriate induction that should include The Care Certificate. This should cover the objectives of the care organisation and the services it offers. Moreover, the induction should inform care workers about procedures and policies – such as health and safety requirements, and what to do in an emergency. In addition to this, the induction should inform care workers of the legal rights and needs that service users have.

Certain mandatory modules should also be undertaken at this time, such as Safeguarding and Medication Administration. Courses such as these give care workers core skills and ensure a high standard of care for all clients.

By continually training staff throughout their employment, they will develop both professionally and personally. They can also feel more motivated and confident to use their newly-found skills to improve the quality of life for their clients.

Cultural training is also important. In modern Britain, there are many people from other cultures who may need care. Therefore, staff should be able to understand and appreciate cultural differences that they may come across when they are providing care.

Adequate Time Between Calls

Many care workers also feel that they are not given enough time during the day to complete their jobs properly. For example, travel time between calls may not be paid or visits to clients may be very short, meaning that essential care cannot be delivered.

To make sure that service users receive the finest standard of care and workers feel supported, time should be given for travel, proper breaks and for adequate visits. This will mean that care workers will feel valued, refreshed and positive about their working life and the service they deliver.

A Supportive Structure

It is important that care workers feel they have a supportive work structure. Several simple but effective procedures can be put in place in order to ensure that they are given the support they need.

Regular performance reviews with their manager, for example, can make care workers feel better about their jobs. In the reviews, successes can be highlighted, which can boost morale, and areas for improvement can also be discussed in a professional way, meaning that any problems can be identified and ironed out.

Encouraging an environment of openness is also very important. Care workers can often experience difficult situations at work – for example, if they offer palliative care to a terminally ill service user, or if they work with individuals who have long-term conditions such as dementia. Care workers should feel as though they can approach their managers about tough situations like these. By sharing problems and alleviating stress, care workers can resolve issues at work and feel better about their jobs.

Moreover, it is important that the company promotes a sense of care overall. This will create a better atmosphere for workers, as they will feel that they are valued as employees. Care workers are the eyes and ears of the provider in the community and should feel comfortable reporting on situations that occur in their day to day work. Staff will feel valued with positive reinforcement. Communicating to care staff about how well they are doing is also essential in their personal development and the development of the service being provided. In addition to this, by promoting a caring, supportive atmosphere, care workers and service users alike will feel that the care organisation is reputable, valuable and supportive of those who need care.

Getting the Support You Need

Whether you’re concerned about training or working with a supportive team, working in care can be difficult if you haven’t found the right care provider or manager to support you.

At CRG Homecare, we provide full support and training for care workers, and can help you find a fulfilling role. Get in touch and we will find the perfect position for you.


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