July 27, 2020

Deno’s Story

By James Fairhurst

After being diagnosed with progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and suffering a stroke, Deno spent 4 months in hospital.

Although he was able to return home from hospital, Deno’s life changed and he needed support around the house. He now has care provided by CRG Homecare’s Stoke branch, and specialist equipment has been installed in his home to support him and help his posture.

Moving back home was momentous for Deno. He explained: “I didn’t like being in hospital, if I could’ve run away from hospital I would have. I love being back at home – it’s my own place.”

At 57 years old, Deno now has CRG Homecare’s care assistants visit him three times a day. They help him get out of bed, make his meals, administer medication and ensure he has everything he needs during the day. He is very relaxed with CRG Homecare’s care assistants and has such a great rapport with them .

He said: “My care workers know what’s good for me. They know my background and what I like and don’t like. They give me choice and my independence, so I am in control of my life.”

Being at home, Deno is able to continue with his hobbies; he loves nothing more than playing on his Xbox and watching films which tends to lift his mood. He said: “I have all I need at home – I can play Xbox games and I love to watch films, especially action films. I also have a tin full of classic sweets. Everyone needs a bit of pleasure in their lives.”

Despite being diagnosed at a young age with MS and suffering from a stroke, Deno has a positive outlook on life thanks to the support of his family and care assistants. It’s important to Deno that he has regular contact with his family.

He said: “My care workers give me an incentive to carry on with life. They make a massive difference to my life and I can have a laugh with them. I always look forward to their visits.”

Working as a Care Assistant can be an incredibly rewarding career where you can make a real difference to the quality of service users’ lives.


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