March 3, 2022

January’s Employee of the Month

By James Fairhurst

We’re pleased to announce the winners of January’s Employee of the Month award. Every month our employees have the chance to nominate their colleagues who uphold one of our six company values, which are:

Commitment: We continuously improve our services

Communication: We listen with interest & behave with integrity

Compassion: We treat individuals with dignity, empathy & respect

Competence: We have the ability to understand individuals

Courage: We strive to do the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons

Congratulations to our November winners and to everyone who was nominated.


Demi Holden – Care Assistant – The Maples

Due to recent staff shortage Demi has stepped up and liaised with branch staff on a weekly basis and communicated to them where she is available for extra shifts. She has been flexible and responsive and has picked up both day and night shifts. Incredible dedication Demi!


Tina Chin – Care Assistant – Clacton

Tina puts her heart and soul into her work and consistently provides outstanding care. Tina provides the care detailed in each care plan and then actively looks for other ways to improve the lives of her service users. This includes collecting medication or completing small shopping tasks in her own time; helping her customers to call third parties to arrange repairs, etc. Tina advocates for the company and is always positive about the culture and values we have. Tina has also opted to help support new recruits through their probation period as I would like to her to instil her outstanding work ethic and working practice in our new carers.


Karen Youngman – Care Assistant – Bramble Court

Karen goes above and beyond in everything she does for the residents at Bramble Court and has been working in care for over twenty five years.


Karen Garner – Branch Manager – The Maples

Recently Karen has been dealing with a number of challenging service users with underlying mental health and addiction problems. She has remained strong throughout while dealing with tough situations and keeping her staff and service users safe.


Thomas Peace – Care Coordinator – Rotherham

Tom has worked exceptionally in taking on 85 new packages to date from the beginning of the year. Tom, you are an asset to the Rotherham Branch and to CRG Homecare.


Louise Taylor – Care Assistant – Stoke

Since on boarding Louise has made it her duty to understand the service users that she provides care for in-depth and of her own accord. Louise has also taken ownership and responsibility for making changes to the lives of our service users. Amazing work Louise.

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated:

  • Lesley Pike
  • Karon White
  • Natalie Pursglove
  • Olivia Regan
  • Emma Harmer
  • Andrew Fitzjohn
  • Lynne Leek
  • Gerard Chell
  • Shaieen Akbar
  • Adebambo Olugbeb
  • Fiona Wood
  • Michael Romanowski
  • Carolyn Mayzes
  • Cathrine Baxter
  • Sarah Cumston
  • Sarah Tully
  • Shagufta Araf
  • Christiane Birch
  • Lee Burke
  • Nicky Gubb
  • Christine Walker
  • Melanie Jones
  • Macey Cummins
  • Andrea Grant
  • Lee Burke
  • Helen Lovett
  • Cath Baxter
  • Sharn Cartwright
  • Vicky Burke


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