July 27, 2020

June Employees of the Month

By James Fairhurst

Congratulations to all our Employee of the Month winners!

Charlotte Howson – Care Coordinator – Compassion
Charlotte stepped up as Senior Coordinator when our Branch Manager left at the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Charlotte has ensured that each and every one of us has felt supported during this unprecedented time. Charlotte has worked extremely hard over the past 3 months to maintain a good standard of service that we are delivering to our service users. She makes sure that everyone feels like a valued member of the team and I think she deserves recognition for her hard work during this difficult time.

Cheryl Powell – Care Assistant – Commitment
Cheryl visits the wife of one of our service users who sadly passed away, to see if she needs anything or wants a cuppa and a chat. No matter what the branch asks her to do, she does it. Cheryl brings us cakes and sweets to the office to cheer us up and the branch always receives compliments from her clients.

Georgia Wallace – Care Assistant – Liverpool
Georgia is passionate about her work, handles emergency situations calmly and swiftly and is very thorough but most of all kind and caring.

Melissa Fenney – Care Assistant – Liverpool
Melissa was flexible and made herself available at short notice when a service user’s next of kin was admitted to hospital and the service user needed overnight care. Without Melissa’s kind-hearted nature the service user would have been left without care.

Kerry Corky – Care Assistant – The Maples
Kerry effectively communicates with staff. She notifies staff of any changes with the clients including their medication and communicates in the hand over. Clients enjoy Kerry visiting them.

Lucy Yates – Care Coordinator – Clacton
Lucy has been nominate for going above and beyond for one of clients in her time of need.

As well as our winners we received many more nominations for staff going above and beyond. Thank you to everyone for upholding our company values. You are all a credit to CRG Homecare.

  • Adewale Sapara
  • Gemma Lawerence
  • Rebecca Waite
  • Maureen kay
  • Deb kemp
  • Sarah Torr
  • Mariliena Balaita
  • Charlotte Brown
  • Melissa Fenney
  • Katie Berry
  • Chantelle Thompson
  • Demi Holden
  • Lisa Chittock
  • Sarah Torr
  • Emily foster
  • Leanne smith
  • Demi Blakeley
  • Autumn Slater
  • Gemma Simmons
  • Elizaneth Healy
  • Katie Ross
  • Joanne Moore
  • Andrea Blackwell
  • Gurpreet Kaur
  • Nicola Owen
  • Julie Partingtin
  • John Booth
  • Van Tu
  • Julie Partington


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