July 19, 2021

June’s Employee of the Month

By James Fairhurst

We’re excited to announce the winners of June’s Employee of the Month award. Every month our employees have the chance to nominate their colleagues who uphold one of our six company values, which are:

Commitment: We continuously improve our services

Communication: We listen with interest & behave with integrity

Compassion: We treat individuals with dignity, empathy & respect

Competence: We have the ability to understand individuals

Courage: We strive to do the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons

Congratulations to our April winners and to everyone who was nominated.


Lauren revel – Care Assistant – Boston

Lauren is a hard working Care Assistant who is committed to helping each resident and often goes above and beyond for support them.


Lisa Chittock – Support Worker – Southend

Lisa has supported a service user through a diagnosis of terminal cancer as well as the treatment process. Lisa has made sure the client has received outstanding care from the team that supports her by making sure everyone has all information communicated regarding the clients health needs. This has been noticed by the office team as well as the health professionals that have been involved in her treatment plan. Lisa has given the client ongoing emotional support throughout this difficult time she has been going through.


Nicola Bailey – Care Assistant – Manchester

Nicola has been a huge help recently, picking up shifts to cover sickness on short notice and always being available to help. She has a great commitment to her job and the people that she looks after. She has her own health issues but this has not stopped her from doing a job she loves. All her service users love her and they look forward to her coming in to see them. Keep up the amazing work Nicola.


Demi Holden – Care Assistant – The Maples

Demi shows competence particularly over the weekend when there is no Manager or Team Leader on-site. She tends to take the lead in dealing with emergencies and incidents and ensures handover documentation is always fully completed and accurate. She contacts the relevant third parties for any building repairs and emergencies and generally ensures the smooth running of the service out of hours and weekends. Demi is also a great Care Assistant and always demonstrates competence in her role as a care worker.


Jullalies Kierindoongo – Care Assistant – The Maples

Jullalies is fully committed to her role at The Maples as a Care Assistant. She travels a long distance day in and day out to arrive on-time to complete her shifts. She offers flexibility and will work day or night shifts as and when required. She will pick up additional shifts at short notice to cover sickness and has not had any absences of sickness within her time at The Maples since it has opened back in February 2020. Jullalies is a great Care Assistant who comes to work, completes all tasks required and never complains.


David Daly – Care Assistant – The Maples

David has continuously supported and reassured one of our service users whose mental health has declined recently. He has made himself available to chat with this service user and has supported him to open up and express his feelings and ask for help. The service user has relayed to branch staff how supportive David has been in their time of crisis and has helped them through a dark time.


  • Katie Dillon
  • Sarah Tully
  • Sian Malloy
  • Abbie Gordon
  • Tracy Burgess
  • Deborah Moran
  • Devon Singh
  • Andrew Kershaw
  • Dawn Selwood
  • Alma Villa
  • Nokuthula Ncube
  • Janine Holt
  • Nikki Courtney
  • Karen Youngman
  • Cheryl Ashby
  • Michael Romanowski
  • Carol Lyall
  • Sian Malloy
  • Dawn Selwood
  • Katherine Gordon
  • Patricia Hillier
  • Tracy Kamara
  • Baljinder Kaur
  • Sarah Torr
  • Jersey Smith
  • Ann Rose
  • Laura Hayward
  • Pat Hillier
  • Christine Kelly
  • Siobhan Kelsall
  • Lisa Wilkes
  • Colette Crosbie
  • Rebecca Lucas
  • Patricia Hillier
  • Sarah Tully


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