July 27, 2020

May Employee’s of the Month

By James Fairhurst

Congratulations to the winners of May’s Employee of the Month!

Hannah West – Marketing Manager – Competence
Hannah is always very helpful and shows appreciation to the team around her. She is very efficient and is an asset to the team.

Connor Simpson – Mobilisation Project Lead – Commitment
Connor is always willing to go the extra mile a positive can-do approach and attitude. He has supported Rotherham, Wolverhampton and Newcastle branch’s during the past month with mobilisation, recruitment and operational support.

Chloe Birchall and Natasha Wharmby – Care Assistants – Courage
Chloe and Natasha were persistent with a client to get the help he needs and it turned out he had COVID-19 but with their persistence, he was taken to hospital and is now doing well.

Tracy Perry – Support Worker – Compassion
Tracy has gone above and beyond during this testing period. She has thought outside the box the whole way through the pandemic to in keep the service users active and safe. She has arranged socially distanced visits with loved ones so they don’t feel completely shut off from them. Tracy is a true star and will always go that extra mile and all the clients adore her.

Julie Yale – Team Leader – Care
Julie has an amazing level of professionalism and friendship. Everyone at the Maples Centre respects her and follows her as a Team Leader. She is an inspiration.

Sue Buckingham – Care Assistant – Communication
Recently a service user’s health very quickly declined, Sue has gone above and beyond spending time communicating with the mental health team and the office. Ensuring that the service user is getting the correct care and is safe.

We have been inundated with nominations from our branches. Here’s a list of all employees nominated. Thank you to everyone for your hard work, resilience and dedication at this time.

  • Katie Galloway
  • Charlotte Emery
  • Katie Ross
  • Lucy Yates
  • Georgia Wallace
  • Sue Hawkyard
  • Sarah Alawi
  • Tracy Perry
  • Ellie-Mae haw
  • Jennie Cosgrove
  • Danielle smith
  • Monika Hills
  • Kirsty Kelly
  • William Davidson
  • Joanne Wallace
  • Maureen kay
  • Devon Singh
  • Demi Blakeley
  • Dave Webster
  • Lisa Wilkes
  • Linda Naylor
  • Helen Davies
  • Mel lever
  • Stephanie blunt
  • Gill Welbourn
  • Chloe Lancaster
  • Tiffany Smith
  • Leanne Eagleton
  • Steve Copeland
  • Rosemarie Smith
  • Christine Gaskin
  • Valerie Rowley
  • Sylvia Markham
  • Sam Shiels
  • Osaheni Philip Aigdedo
  • Katie Faisel


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