June 29, 2021

May’s Employee of the Month

By James Fairhurst

We’re excited to announce the winners of May’s Employee of the Month award. Every month our employees have the chance to nominate their colleagues who uphold one of our six company values, which are:

Commitment: We continuously improve our services

Communication: We listen with interest & behave with integrity

Compassion: We treat individuals with dignity, empathy & respect

Competence: We have the ability to understand individuals

Courage: We strive to do the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons

Congratulations to our April winners and to everyone who was nominated.


Kelvin Davies – ECM Administrator – Hammersmith

Kelvin has been awarded Employee of the Month because his continued dedication backed up by great feedback he received from a Care Assistant, “It is really nice to have someone that can listen on the other side of the line, well done Kevin”


Leona Revell – Care Assistant – Boston

Leona treats everyone with respect and is always willing to help with anything that’s put in front of her. She’s always on time and always does what she can to meet each individual’s needs. Well done Leona!


Karon White and Jeanette Jones – Care Assistant – Crawshaw Court

Karon and Jeanette ware recently faced with a difficult situation when visiting a service user who has become unresponsive. They acted quickly and administered first aid straight away. Once the ambulance crew arrived and had the situation under control they thanked Karon and Jeanette for their quick thinking actions. They also received a bouquet of flyers from the family as a thank you for everything they did.


Sophie Hewitt – Care Assistant – Prescot

Sophie recently joined CRG Homecare having never worked in care before and has since excelled in her role. Recently Sophie was tasked with taking on a very complex 1-1 package Sophie has again excelled and received great feedback from the service user’s family. Amazing work Sophie.


Chloe Lancaster – Care Assistant – Newcastle

Chloe is always prepared to go the extra mile for all of our clients. Many of our clients receive vouchers through an appointee deputyship and Chloe always offers to deliver the vouchers to the service users in her own time. Keep the good work Chloe!


  • David Daily
  • Julie Yale
  • Zara Proffitt
  • Sue O’connor
  • Emma Crabtree
  • Laurie Neal
  • Natacha Rodrigues
  • Connor Simpson
  • Lauren Revel
  • Jackie Hayward
  • Ann Rose
  • Jessica Campbell
  • Sarah Griffiths
  • Alda Greives
  • Amanda Hill
  • Beverly Taylor
  • Chelsea Boyle
  • Chloe Powell
  • Demi Blakeley
  • Emma Coulson
  • Sarah Tully
  • Rachel Armstrong
  • Anna Rzaca
  • Sarah Littelhales
  • Hayley Stuart
  • Rachel Chambers


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