Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions

When does this Refer a Friend Start?

The scheme is available from 18th January 2021. Anyone referred before this date will follow the old Terms and Conditions.

What is Refer a Friend?

The ‘Refer a Friend’ incentive scheme is a reward scheme where you receive a payment for recommending new carers into Allied Healthcare/CRG Homecare. The more friends you introduce, the more money you can earn!

How many friends can I nominate?

As many you like – just ensure that they have the right skills and values for our care roles.

Can I ‘Refer a Friend’ to Allied Healthcare/CRG Homecare if I work for another brand at HCRG?

Yes, you can.

Who can ‘Refer a Friend’?

The scheme is available to employees in Allied Healthcare/CRG Homecare excluding: Head Office Staff / Quality Managers / Care Delivery Trainers / HR Department / Recruitment Team / Head of Departments / Regional Directors / Branch Managers / Hub Managers / Extra Care Managers

What ‘Friends’ does this apply to?

Only your ‘friends’ that don’t already work within Allied Healthcare/CRG Homecare. Ex-employees / Re-employment and TUPE staff are excluded from this scheme.

How much do you receive for a successful nomination?

Any recommendation regardless of part / full time employment will be rewarded £250 directly through payroll. This payment is subject to normal payroll deductions.

When will I receive my payment? 

Once your referred friend has worked 4 weeks you will receive an initial payment of £100 – Once your recommended friend then completes 3 months of service, you will receive a further payment of £150.

How do I submit my referral?

There are different ways to recommend your friends forward for a carer position:

  • You can call one of our dedicated recruiters direct and pass over your friends details with their permission of course
  • Pass our details over to your friends and ask them to either call us or they can attend their local branch
  • They can complete one of our application forms via local branches and include the details of the individual that has referred them on this form
  • They can apply online either through our website or through Indeed

For further information relating to our current vacancies please direct your ‘friend’ to our Careers Page

How will I receive my payment?

The recruitment compliance team will pull a weekly report from the Recruitment platform (ATS) to check any referrals marked on the system that have completed the administration process.

They will then check against a payroll report to ensure that they have started paid work.

Once they have completed 4 weeks paid work a £100 payment will be generated and paid into your account on the next pay run.

The recruitment compliance team will then review after a 3 month period and confirm that the new starter is still employed by the Company, if this confirmed a further £150 payment will be paid into your account on the next pay run.

Please note these payments are subject to normal payroll deductions.

Do I need to be with the company to receive my payment?

Yes, current employees referring candidates must be in employment with the company on the date of the payment. They must not be working their notice period, under investigation, going through disciplinary proceedings or have a live disciplinary sanction on file.

The company reserves the right to review this scheme at any time, which may result in the withdrawal of the scheme and payment.