July 27, 2020

Sharon’s story

By James Fairhurst

Following in her mother’s footstep, Sharon started a career in care 16 years ago and has since worked in different care settings including care homes and now in the community with CRG Homecare.

As part of her day-to-day job Sharon helps her service users by preparing meals, administering medication, getting showered and dressed, shopping and cleaning.

“I was training to work in childcare when my mother worked at a local care home. She thought I would be a good carer and so I started working there; 16 years later I’m still a Care Assistant,” Sharon explained.

Since joining CRG Homecare a couple of months ago, this was the first time Sharon has worked in a community setting providing care in people’s home. Moving into domiciliary care after working in care homes was a bit of a shock to Sharon.

She said: “I was very new to the area when I started with CRG Homecare, so my Sat Nav was my best friend! It took me a while to figure out the different roads but now it’s easy to commute to the houses.”

Despite getting to know the area, Sharon loves working in the community and visiting her service users in their own homes surrounded by their belongings.

She said: “When I worked in a care home, we tried to make it their home but it’s not the same. They don’t get the opportunity to go out as much and they feel more comfortable in their own home. One of my service users loves gardening so I can take her into her garden to water the plants.  It’s lovely to see that they’re able to continue having hobbies and doing the things they love.”

Seeing service users in their own home is what the Power of Care means to Sharon.

She commented: “It’s lovely seeing our service users in their own homes and build relationships with them. You have to build their trust, so they believe in you.  If they have something to say, they need to know that they can confide in you. You have to respect their wishes, their beliefs and their choices.”


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