January 31, 2021

Winners of December’s Employee of the Month Announced

By James Fairhurst

We’re excited to announce the winners of December’s Employee of the Month award. Every month our employees have the chance to nominate their colleagues who uphold one of our six company values, which are:

  • Care: We put individuals at the heart of everything we do
  • Commitment: We continuously improve our services
  • Communication: We listen with interest & behave with integrity
  • Compassion: We treat individuals with dignity, empathy & respect
  • Competence: We have the ability to understand individuals
  • Courage: We strive to do the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons

This month we were inundated with nominations and we’ve been overwhelmed by the amazing acts of kindness shown by our employees. Thank you to everyone for your hard work and dedication – you are all a credit to CRG Homecare.

Congratulations to all our December winners and to everyone who was nominated.


Summer Osbourne – Support Worker – Southend

Summer is a new member of staff, she is constantly going above and beyond for the clients she supports.  Whilst out food shopping for clients, she is also ensuring fellow clients have their shopping needs met. Since she has returned back from her isolation period, she has thrown herself back into the swing of her support role and has taken on extra workload to help out with sickness.


Rebekah Thompson – Care Assistant – Newcastle

Rebekah is a committed and selfless carer. A service user who Rebekah cared for on a regular basis for a number of years needed to move into 24 hour care but did not want to. Other professionals explained to the service user why this was necessary and tried to give a lot of reassurance however she was so afraid and anxious about leaving her home. Rebekah went to the service user’s home and after just half an hour of talking to her, she had the service user looking forward to going into 24-hour care. As upsetting as this was, Rebekah helped the service user to pack what she needed and stayed with her until she was picked up so she could wave her off.


Rebecca Armstrong – Care Assistant – The Maples

Rebecca recognised the Christmas and New Year period can be difficult to staff. She came into the office to communicate she was fully available as she had no commitments. She also communicated with other staff to advise, if they wanted more time off with their families, she would pick up some shifts from them if needed. Any shifts she covered or swapped with other staff were communicated to the office team throughout the whole period.


Hannah Lowe – Team Leader – The Maples

Hannah has only been with the team for a few months. She had no care or extra care experience although she did work for CRG Homecare prior to undertaking her Team Leader role at The Maples. Hannah has been a real asset since day one. She has shared her IT knowledge with other office staff who have learned a lot from her. She has also completed all of her mandatory care training and her care certificate to give her a better understanding of a Care Worker role. She has proved herself more than competent in her role within a very short space of time. She stays over her shift time when necessary and takes calls out of hours from home when staff need advice. She keeps on top of service users medications, goes out of her way to support them with ordering and has nipped out in her lunch hour to collect on their behalf.


Nicola Gubb – Care Assistant – The Maples

Nicola made bows and decorations for a terminally ill service users transport to his Daughter’s wedding. He had to travel in a disabled taxi, due to his condition, and being wheelchair bound he was unable to travel in the wedding car. She also decorated the transport on the day.


Crystal Mitcham – Care Assistant – Boston

Crystal bravely shaved her head to donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that make wigs for children who are receiving medical treatments resulting in hair loss. Crystal has amazingly donated her hair and is raising money for the charity.


  • Tanya Coates
  • Mike Riley
  • Terri Higgins
  • Sofoclis
  • James Barlow
  • Tania Sansom
  • Debra Moran
  • Christine Kelly
  • Leona Revell
  • Natacha Rodrigues
  • Nighat
  • Hazel Richards
  • Ashley bridges
  • Lauren Revell
  • Monica
  • Damani Haugjton
  • Sarah Gorey
  • Sue O’Connor
  • Lisa Partington
  • Elizabeth
  • Emma Crabtree
  • Natasha O’Neil
  • Leanne Riley
  • Cheryl Lunt
  • Jemma Downes
  • Chris Gaskin
  • Daniel Woodison
  • Marilena
  • Carol Kerr
  • Martin Grattage
  • Kerry Crockley
  • John yardley
  • Sarah Torr
  • Nathan Davies
  • Paula
  • Leanne Eagleton
  • Adamu Kassim
  • Anne Rose
  • Charles
  • Sylvia Whitup
  • Carol storey
  • Jacky Dixon
  • Katarzyna Jablonska
  • Jayanthi
  • Zamzam
  • Mike Romanowski
  • Julz
  • Martin Grattage
  • Danielle Smith
  • Sahil
  • Amy Camsey
  • Gemma Davies
  • Terri Higgins
  • Demi Blakeley
  • Andrea Blackwell
  • Helen Bradshaw
  • Kerry Corkery
  • Louisa Gaitens
  • Carol Storey
  • Sahil Yousafzai
  • Gurpreet Kaur
  • Sahil Yousafzai
  • Julie Yale
  • Lee Burke
  • Ola Alagbala


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